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Alas i am back in England

How was germany?  cool I bet lol cuz germany lol

(( o ^O /Has located the Sweeney Todd soundtrack.

would he sing Sweeney Todd things? 

Hmm… maybe~ I think he’d be less mad and more melodramatic lol

(( O AO Singing!Diet AU.

He’d be great… also also .w.

Diethelm the dragon .w.  Triple emerald.  I’mma make an accent for him eventually lol

(( o ^o Phantom of The Opera AU. /Relistening to my old playlists.

that’d basically be diet just singing instead of playing his harpsichord lol 

Also, I just spent the better half of the last hour reading about a cluster fuck drama fest on FR lol it was good times and I laughed a lot .w.


(( o _o They’re both teenage, technically. This one just turned 18, while the other one’s still 15 until January. Also, Anchorage isn’t as fun as other places.

A place is as fun as you make it~ .w.  Especially if there’s booze, food and good company owo lol 

Vancouver is a lot more… hmm… busy maybe?  Well, parts of it. Not around my house.  Around my house is suburbia. It’s weird and reminds me of edward scissor hands . ^. …




…She always had been a curious girl. 

This is so adorable!


(( o ^o Yiss, was dinner. Also, they have these neato things at each table where you can call for more drinks, call for dessert orderings, pay for the thing, and play gams.

Neato kouhai .w.  We shall go do the do someday when I ever get around to visiting lol 

Also, how old is your brother? o ^o  was this the teenage one?


(( It was my brother’s birthday, also rain.

Happy birthday to your brother’s butt .w. lol 

Also, that’s some bright sky there, kouhai o^o  it’s not dark enooough~  gosh dang.  Also also, is that dinner?

ahahah holy shit, calm down, jeez.