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yes. you are seeing this right. this is 5 minutes and 40 seconds of sly blue dialogue. it’s not all of it but hey nobody’s perfect (except sly blue)

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By つなぢる

starryeyedbibliophile sent:

(( o ^o It is possible to watch a thing at the same time, but that's not really the same.

it’s kinda the same, but only a little different .w. lol 

exnatura sent:

wow i smell a mega nerd.


stop sniffing yourself u n u

starryeyedbibliophile sent:

(( o ^o I've done a lot with a 'happy halloween' banner and some orange and black streamers. /Plots to eat all the candy and watch all the 2spook.

. w.  I would totes do all of that with you kouhai~ Especially the candy part lol 

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(( o ^o K, 10/10, will tag. /Goes aboot writing./ O AO Also, chocolate milk and IRL Halloween preparations.

Oh man~ I’m drinking a yummy smoothie .w.  

also halloween huh? whatcha doin’?

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(( o ^o /Pets Sempai cat./ I can write a thing for later? Also, /shares kit kats.

sure kouhai .w.  that sounds great~

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(( o ^o Piratey temple adventures?


maybe… Im not awake yet lol  /sits


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