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It's too early for this.

Indeed it is.  I need to go home and pack up the rest of my house to get ready to move it on sunday, weeeee.


Oh, hi. It’s come to my attention that absolutely nobody gives a flying fuck about existing dragons. No. Flight Rising is about living the dream, if “the dream” involves forcing giant monsters to do the business. Wildclaws are going away (for now?) on May 1st.

Would you like to win just about twenty fucking US dollars? Ah, I mean, a 2000 gem breed scroll? You’re in luck. It was my fucking birthday this month, and I’m in as benevolent a mood as I get. I’m gonna buy the winner a breed scroll for the new dragon species. So reblog my cranky ass bullshit and you could win twenty dollars. I mean 2000 gems. I mean whatever, fuckit.


I needs me that new dragon breed, man oh man~

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Will you ever finish that drawing of the flight rising deities you made in September?



Immediately, I think about that one drawing I made:


And then I think, crap, I knew I’ve forgotten about something, because


Where are the rest of em?! I’m so sorry I’ve terribly forgotten about this. I’ve just yet to color them up, actually! Except that it would have just bumped down off my priority list! It would delight me though if there are other people also waiting for the rest of my humanoid deities.

ah man, I’d totally be interested in seeing your take on the other deities they look really cool ouo

I’m basically in love with ice warden so…

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Groans loudly at

farts on

hi toopiee, how’s goin’? 

I just wanna play WoW again… 

hmmph maybe I’ll preorder the game in a few months or something . _.

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How long until the 15 year olds take over this post with their garbage

Nobody is arguing these people don’t exist. Internalized racism/misogyny/transphobia etc etc etc definitely exists. People who are not educated on issues, even those concerning themselves, definitely exist. People in outright denial certainly exist.

The OP is perhaps unaware that the people who do say that wearing a bindi is cutural appropriation or that you shouldn’t use homophobic slurs were once like the people in this very comic.

A lot of times, when I read posts or articles about why one of these things is wrong, the author will say something along the lines of “I used to be that black person saying that white people can have dreads” or “I used to be that trans person who defended cis people”, and invariably, they always conclude that it was a mistake, because no matter how accepting or chill or appeasing they were, they were still treated like shit AND used as an instrument to undercut their legitimate complaints.

So, you know. These people DO exist, OP is right. But OP conveniently ignores what many of these people eventually conclude. Because OP is doing that exact thing: using these people as an instrument to treat other people in those same groups as shit and undercut their legitimate complaints.

Also a lot of the time these are discussions that are actually taking place within the communities? And that need to be discussed and negotiated so that as many people within the community as possible will feel welcome and safe. I can’t speak to the racially based issues highlighted here (I Am White Disclaimer) but the gender and sexuality ones? Yeah, you better believe that we’re constantly talking about that shit. Reclamation of slurs. Politicized identities vs. living stealth and the pros and cons of each and how they relate to activism. The constant minefield of people with dramatically different lived experiences feeling drawn to the same vaguely defined terms because nonbinary folks don’t really have tried and true ways of talking about our genders the way that binary people do.

The thing is that if you’re not part of those groups, taking part in those intragroup discussions, you may not be aware that those discussions are taking place. And that’s partly because we don’t want you to be aware. Because you are going to latch onto the viewpoints that make you feel comfortable rather than understand the dynamics of us trying to make as many of us feel safe as possible, and when “make as many people safe as possible” is the goal, then yes, “I feel unsafe” does take priority over “I don’t feel that this has any effect on my safety one way or the other.” There’s a big difference between someone within the group voicing a dissenting opinion - which then can be examined and if appropriate, can be synthesized with or supplant existing wisdom - and someone outside the group playing devil’s advocate.

Also those last two examples there are pretty awful strawmen. It’s a rare woman or trans person who would seriously argue the contrary of those positions, and honestly? A lot of the ones who would are people who have been so profoundly hurt that they need the shelter a community provides, and if they’re going to heal they need to get there with the help of people who can understand the nuances of their “I hate all [insert privileged group here]” rhetoric. And effective allies recognize that sometimes they need to step back and let the people they’re trying help take care of their own. 

i saw this comic on my dash once before and thought long and hard about why it didn’t sit right with me, but couldn’t really put it into words — so here’s a much more eloquent explanation!

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Honestly, you just take a deep breath and say fuck it.
—Johnny Knoxville  (via fuckinq)

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